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California Teleconnect Fund

The California Teleconnect Fund ("CTF") program provides a 50% discount on select communications services to schools, libraries, hospitals and other non-profit organizations that are located in California.
The program was established by Decision 96-10-066 on October 25, 1996. In this decision, the California Public Utilities Commission reaffirmed its commitment to universal service, and created the CTF program in accordance with state and federal directives. The program is funded through a surcharge on all customers that purchase intrastate telecommunications services. The following is an overview of eligibility requirements and information:

Schools & School Districts

  • Public or nonprofit private schools
  • Providing elementary or secondary education (K - 12)
  • Annual endowments under $50 million
  • Must have active County District School Code Number


  • Eligible to participate in state-based plans for funds under Title III of the Library Services and Technology Act

Hospitals & Health Clinics

  • Owned and operated by a municipal, county government, or a hospital district
  • Some that do not meet the above "owned and operated" requirement may qualify as a Community Based Organization (see below)

Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

  • Serve communities in California
  • Tax-exempt, as described in Section 501(c)(3) or 501(d) of the Internal Revenue Code, Title 26
  • Directly offer one of the following services to the community: health care, job training, job placement, 2-1-1 referral services, educational instruction, or a community technology program
  • Total revenue (as reported on a Form 990) does not exceed $50 million
  • For organizations offering health care, all members of the organization's board of directors members must reside within California

Community Colleges

  • Must submit an application with current Management Information System code

California Telehealth Network (CTN)

  • The CTN is eligible (as a consortium) to receive the discount on CTF-eligible CTN-related services only

Individual participants of the CTN can submit an independent application in attempt to receive the discount on non-CTN related services.