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Funding Year 16, 2013-14

Questions submitted within 5 business days of bid due date shall not be answered.

School/District/Library/Consortium RFP Form 470 Application Allowable Contract Date RFP/470 Q/A
Alamo Navajo School 623090001050354 02/24/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Butterfield Youth Services
RFP Extended to 3/08
621880001050357 03/08/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Casa Grande Union High School 499310001051377 02/21/2013RFP/470 Q/A
El Camino Real Academy 182770001051388 02/25/2013RFP/470 Q/A
El Pueblo Kids 622250001051410 03/05/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Epworth Consortium 757700001107288 03/06/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Great Circle 671100001052043 02/15/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Inner City Education Foundation
**Technology Update**
469230001052054 03/01/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Inner City Education Foundation
Construction / Remodeling

**Technology Update**
571370001120028 03/08/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Mille Lacs Academy 960890001115698 03/01/2013RFP/470 Q/A
New Dominion School at Gerard School 815330001052074 02/18/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Nexus 796030001052077 02/28/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Onarga Academy Consortium Switch
Onarga Academy Consortium Phone
915010001114823 03/01/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Safe Harbor at Indian Oaks Academy 801150001052100 03/01/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District
RFP Extended to 03/11
306360001052104 03/11/2013RFP/470 Q/A
St Charles Consortia 913800001052149 02/15/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Sterling Education 641540001052163 03/01/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Turning Point Consortia 752230001052175 02/23/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Wasco Union High School District 809830001052243 01/25/2013 RFP/470 Q/A
Woodbourne Consortium 191680001052246 02/28/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Zuni Public School District
RFP Extended to 2/19
483660001052250 02/19/2013 RFP/470 Q/A
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