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To eliminate confusion, all responses shall be in the receipt of the applicant by 10PM EST on the due date.

Funding Year 17, 2014-15

Questions submitted within 5 business days of bid due date may not be answered.

School/District/Library/Consortium RFP Form 470 Application RFP Due Date RFP/470 Q/A
Alamo Navajo School 305920001148397 03/05/2014RFP/470 Q/A
Butterfield Youth Consortium
RFP Extended to 3/24
**** RFP Clarification ****
735870001148400 03/05/2014RFP/470 Q/A
Casa Grande USD
RFP Extended to 3/25
914670001148405 03/05/2014RFP/470 Q/A
El Camino Real Academy 467160001148426 03/05/2014RFP/470 Q/A
El Pueblo Kids 161690001148407
RFP/470 Q/A
RFP/470 Q/A
Epworth Consortia
RFP Extended to 3/25
618950001148408 03/07/2014RFP/470 Q/A
Inner City Education Foundation 463800001148412 03/14/2014RFP/470 Q/A
Great Circle
RFP Extended to 2/07
RFP/470 Q/A
RFP/470 Q/A
Mille Lacs Consortium 656390001148414 03/07/2014RFP/470 Q/A
New Dominion Schools 405150001148415 03/07/2014RFP/470 Q/A
Nexus 427060001148419 03/07/2014RFP/470 Q/A
Onarga Academy Consortium P1
RFP Extended to 3/07
Onarga Academy Consortium PS
Onarga Academy Consortium DD
442720001148446 12/20/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Patagonia School District Consortium
RFP Extended to 3/15
831710001148451 1/17/2014RFP/470 Q/A
Safe Harbor at Indian oaks Academy 516310001148413 03/07/2014RFP/470 Q/A
Santa Cruz Valley USD
***UPDATED FEB 04 2014***
***UPDATED FEB 13 2014***
684660001148453 03/05/2014

RFP/470 Q/A
Sterling Education 729730001148456 03/07/2014RFP/470 Q/A
St Charles Consortia 412000001148454 03/07/2014RFP/470 Q/A
Turning Point Consortium 868590001148457 12/23/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Wasco Union High School District 340170001148130 11/6/2013RFP/470 Q/A
Woodbourne Consortium
RFP Extended to 3/24
727900001148459 3/7/2014RFP/470 Q/A
Zuni Public School District 134960001148461 03/07/2014RFP/470 Q/A
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