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Funding Year 18, 2015-16

Questions submitted within 5 business days of bid due date may not be answered.

School/District/Library/Consortium RFP Form 470 Application RFP Due Date RFP/470 Q/A
Alamo Navajo School 449630001293192 3/13/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Butterfield Youth Consortium 139100001293235 3/13/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Casa Grande Union High School District
ITB extended to 4/16
422920001293244 3/17/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Clayton Valley Charter High School 424310001325413 3/11/2015RFP/470 Q/A
El Camino Real Academy 368310001294050 3/13/2015RFP/470 Q/A
El Pueblo Kids 422920001293244 3/14/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Epworth Consortia 439120001294800 3/17/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Great Circle Organization 758210001295313 2/27/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Harmony Independent School District 258740001320662 3/13/2015RFP/470 Q/A
ICEF Public Schools Consortium 761160001295346 3/20/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Ira H. Hayes High School 553380001335666 3/23/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Mille Lacs Consortium 884520001332943 3/19/2015RFP/470 Q/A
New Dominion School at Gerard Academy 252600001295394 3/13/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Nexus 155480001295403 3/16/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Onarga Academy Consortium 581530001295373 3/16/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Patagonia School District Consortium 407420001295375 3/11/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Safe Harbor at Indian Oaks Academy 229790001295378 3/16/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Santa Cruz Valley USD
Second 470 for SCVUSD
3/6/2015RFP/470 Q/A
470 Q/A
St Charles Consortia 250470001295427 3/13/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Sterling Education 846210001295430 3/13/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Thatcher Unified School District #4
30 additional drops
914240001333972 3/20/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Toltec School District 22 805620001320623 3/17/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Turning Point Consortium 626170001295446 3/13/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Vincent Academy 564560001320648 3/17/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Wasco Union High School District
See information below on prevailing wage
995210001276387 1/30/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Westside Christian Academy 540570001320652 3/17/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Woodbourne Consortium
ITB extended to 4/14
133110001295449 3/17/2015RFP/470 Q/A
Zuni Public School District 745400001295458 3/17/2015RFP/470 Q/A
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