ADS Advanced Data Services, Inc.

Professional Services

Hourly/Daily Professional IT Services

Outsourced CIO: This is a completely outsourced IT Leadership role. This service provides IT leadership services for all IT needs of an organization where there is no IT leadership in place. This service typically incorporates many of the other ADS service offerings to provide a turnkey IT leadership package. This service can be used on an on-going or interim basis.

Technology Assessments: Complete written assessments are based on a Scope of Work to be determined prior to the beginning of the project. ADS shall work with the client to determine the Key Performance Indicators critical to the client to be measured during the assessment. ADS can make recommendations on IT system improvements and efficiencies available, at the clients request.

Strategic and Operational Technology Planning: A written document to meet the needs of the client. ADS can lead the client through the planning process to establish the desired outcomes, and the necessary actions and resources to meet the goals of the client. The format of the plan shall be established in advance to be sure that the plan format and content meet the needs of the client and suitable for its intended purpose. (Such as a grant)

Information Technology/Telecommunications Services Design: ADS will design and document the IT resources and specifications necessary meet the stated objectives of the client. ADS will deliver the design in a format to meet the needs of the client.

Information Technology/Telecommunications Services Cost Review: : Identification and review of all on-going costs, services, and products to ensure the client is maximizing the use of all IT and Telecommunication services. ADS shall deliver a written review and recommendations on potential cost savings, if any.

Contract Management, includes Vendor Management: Provides a point of contract, with oversight, of all IT contracts and vendors.

Information Technology/Telecommunications Project Management: Project management services of all size and scope. A detailed Scope of Work shall be designed to ensure that all milestones are met and the project outcome and goals are achieved.

Information Technology/Telecommunications Program Management : Program management typically encompasses multiple projects and/or multiple ADS services in support of a clients IT department.

Telecommunications Inventory Management: Inventory documentation services of all telecommunications services, to be provided to the client in a written form, or in the ADS on-line portal for on-going IT management.

Technology Equipment Inventory Management: Inventory documentation services, including physical inventories, to be provided to the client in a written form, or in the ADS on-line portal for on-going IT management.

Custom Development Services: Custom web, software and/or database development using industry standard development tools, integration and programming to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Technology Consultation: A limited version of any of the ADS services, where the client does not require a full service or extensive documentation, but rather a short term and limited consultation on a specific technology subject or problem.

Technology Training: ADS will provide custom training in a format conducive to the client needs in any area where ADS has expertise.

Technology Mentoring: A bridge between Training and CIO outsourcing. Mentoring by ADS allows new IT Directors/CIOs/CTOs to utilize and rely on the expertise of ADS personnel, while growing into a new position.

Technical Writing Services: Specific technical documentation delivered to the client in a format required by the client. Some examples are Specifications, RFPs, As built documentation, Training Materials and assistance with Grants.