ABOUT ADS Management

Dan Kettwich

Dan Kettwich has been working in the education, education technology and telecommunications industries since 1991. Mr. Kettwich has over 19 years of increasingly responsible experience which includes exposure to many facets of various communications businesses.

While working at NSN Network Services, developers of the first commercially available Satellite IP Network he was responsible for the MIS services, technical operations (including, foreign and domestic licensing), field services and network operations. After leaving NSN, Kettwich worked as a Senior Managing Consultant, specifically directing Operational Support System design and implementation with Lucent Technologies, ICG Telecom, and Time Warner Telecommunication before accepting a permanent position at Splitrock Services (where he began working to engineer client solutions that met specific ROI and TCO objectives). Splitrock Services was later acquired by McLeodUSA and Mr. Kettwich accepted the challenge to work as the liaison between Engineering, Sales, and Marketing to evaluate (financial) and design (engineer) solutions for clients that were E-Rate eligible.

Since 2003, Mr. Kettwich has been working to build ADS Advanced Data Services, Inc., a consulting services company that specializes providing automated, compliant E-Rate Services to eligible applicants. Other initiatives Mr. Kettwich has worked on include Workflow Management, Process Management, Provisioning, Network Security, Convergence, and Product Development.

Mr. Kettwich, and his family live in Texas.

Ross Wheadon

Ross Wheadon graduated from Syracuse University in 2003 with a degree in Information Technology. In 2004, Mr. Wheadon joined a small company outside of Rochester, NY with full intentions of becoming part of the back office client support and database development team. Within 30 days of accepting the position and starting work, due to a change in personnel within the company, Ross was asked to step into the world of Erate and develop that business unit into a much more robust, automated process. He quickly learned the process governed by the Universal Services Administrative Company and has been involved in the Erate process to the present day.

In August 2009, Mr. Wheadon joined ADS Advanced Data Services, Inc.. Ross's responsibilities within ADS primarily are based in operations and developing policies and procedures to ensure compliance in the program.

When not working, Mr. Wheadon is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys boating, biking, camping, downhill and water skiing, and anything else that gets him outside. He travels around the Northeast region regularly to visit family and friends and is always involved in a household improvement project. Ross, his wife Caroline, and their family live in Upstate New York.