Rural Health Care Consulting

ADS assists eligible Health Care Providers and consortiums participate with the Rural Health Care (RHC) program by completely documenting the compliant completion of a competitive bidding process to select the most cost-effective Vendors to provide the services and/or equipment requested. The ADS work product is considered to be audit ready.

Once the competitive bidding process is complete ADS submits to Universal Services Administrative Company (USAC) all information required to demonstrate compliance with the rules required for receiving Rural Health Care support. After a funding commitment is issued ADS manages the reimbursement and reconciliation process. All documentation and information is managed within the RHC Portal.

Our Comprehensive RHC consulting helps Health Care Providers:

  • Complete and file Form 460 (Eligibility and Registration) if necessary.
  • Select the RHC program(s) to determine which RHC program is most advantageous for applicant.
  • Determine eligible needs
  • Develop RFP and scoring determination as needed
  • Complete and file Form 461/465 (Request for Services) as needed
  • Manage bidding window and vendor questions via on-line portal
  • Provide bid documentation and scoring matrix to applicant
  • Complete and file Form 462/466 (Funding Request) and associated documents as needed
  • Complete and file Form 463/467 (Invoice and Request for Disbursement) as needed
  • Assist with Beneficiary and Contributor Audit Program (BCAP) and Payment Quality Assurance (PQA) reviews.

ADS works directly with and corresponds directly with USAC and Vendors. Our processes are designed in a manner that allow Client designees to be informed at the same time the ADS Staff is informed of all RHC correspondence. USAC is responsible for processing applications for support, confirming eligibility, and reimbursing service providers for discounted services and/or equipment delivered to eligible applicants. ADS is responsible for mitigating your risk and securing your disbursements. ADS does not provide Legal Advice or a Vendor Selection Services (although ADS does provide customized Vendor Selection Tools).