• ADS Advanced Data Services

    Solving Problems With Known Solutions

    ADS offers a wide range of professional services to meet the changing IT needs of Government, Non-Profit, Education and Healthcare clients. Services range from complete IT leadership outsourcing to an array of A la Carte services to support and augment IT departments who lack resources on a long term, or short term basis.

E-Rate (Funding for School and Libraries)

ADS E-Rate consulting service governs a complete audit ready service for E-Rate applicants. Help with technology planning, form processing (470, 471, 486, SPI, BEAR, 500),
Program Integrity Assurance (PIA), Selective Review (SRIR), FRN Management, audit and/or appeal services empowers our clients to focus on technology in education.

Our service specializes in managing and documenting the:
Creation, development, and certification of your technology plan
Fair and competitive bidding process (for SRIR)
Reconciliation of reimbursement for audit purposes
The ADS flat rate for service assures you only pay for work completed (we don't charge percentages)!
Our service is meant to be all inclusive - contact us to understand our assurances. Sign up and rest well!

ADS also offers Do It Yourself E-Rate consulting, providing technical support and important notifications to applicants who are comfortable with the E-Rate process,
but want an added measure of risk mitigation or assistance.

Rural Health Care (Funding for Rural Health Care Providers)

Our full service RHC consulting provides complete application cycle management for both RHC programs, including Forms 460, 461, 462, 463 and RFP completion.
ADS will assist, manage and document:

Select the correct program(s) (Telecommunications Fund and Rural Healthcare Connect Fund)
File and manage all forms
Reconciliation of reimbursement for audit purposes
Manage RFP process
Assist with BCAP and PQA reviews

E-Rate Consulting

ADS assists eligible applicants (including public and non-profit K-12 schools as well as libraries) participate with E-rate.

Rural Health Care

ADS assists eligible Health Care Providers and consortiums participate with the Rural Health Care (RHC) program.

RFP Development

USAC requires Fair and Competitive bidding for utilization of any USAC program discounts. RFPs are written as required.

USAC Audits

USAC audits are designed to ensure compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and program requirements.