All applicants and service providers must retain information relating to the funding process to include pre-bidding, bidding, contracts, the application process itself, invoicing, the provision of services, and other matters relating to the administration of the universal service fund for a period. ADS Advanced Data Services, Inc. has created mye-binder, an Internet based tool to accurately capture and link this data.

Mye-binder is designed to help applicants maintain compliance with the E-Rate Program. The system retains Strategic Planning and Approval documents, USAC Forms, Certifications and Letters, Competitive Procurement (bidding, evaluation, and contracts), Program Integrity Assurance, Selective Review Information Requests, Invoicing, Payments, Reimbursement, Reconciliation, Service Delivery, Inventory Management, Change Requests and Appeal Information - creating a complete electronic packet that is audit ready.

Benefits of mye-binder:
1. Web based, multi-user platform: mye-binder offers an easy to navigate, intuitive browser based user interface, allowing anyone with internet connectivity, a web browser, and valid account information, to access their entity's E-Rate information.
2. Developed by Full Service E-Rate Consultants that Understand E-Rate.
3. Client software is not required.
4. Executive and operational reporting.
5. Each user is assigned a unique login ID and password for accountability.
6. Alerts are sent to the appropriate email based on workflow.
7. All E-rate information is located in a single location.
8. Documentation maintained on-line for a minimum of 10 years.

In addition, mye-binder has the ability to manage and reconciles the financial aspect of funding. All applications and FRNs are tracked and automated notifications are sent when there is a status change or disbursement made. The system also acts as a watchdog to make sure that important dates are not missed. Equipment inventories may be managed as well.