RFP Development

Funding may be requested under multiple categories of service and multiple funds (RHC funding only). Each USAC program has an Eligible Service List describes the current products and services that are discounted by USAC programs. USAC requires Fair and Competitive bidding for utilization of any USAC program discounts. RFPs are written as required.

Applicant Terms and Conditions are very important in the vendor selection process and complicated, or high cost projects may need to be explained further. The RFPs produced by ADS are customized to Client requirements, and offer advantages and protections that most E-rate and RHC applicants do not consider. Making the same, and all, information available to potential bidders is easily managed when RFPs are issued; helping to assure the fair and competitive bid process produces the correct and most cost effective Service Provider. Fair and Competitive means:
All bidders must be treated the same
No bidder can have advance knowledge of the project information; and
There are no secrets in the process - such as information shared with one bidder but not with others - and that all bidders know what is required of them.

Some examples of suggested RFP language include:
Contingent upon a positive Funding Commitment Decision Letter,
Item 21s must be included
Local or State Procurement Rules and/or Regulations; and
Complete Inventory shall be provided upon project completions.

The ADS RFP process is highlighted by the following:
Capture Client expectations so as to request a collection of specialized, best of breed service and/or equipment offerings,
Engage original equipment manufacturing companies to secure equipment specifications,
Provide sample terms and conditions,
Discuss RFP tips and pitfalls,
Post RFP documents on the Internet,
Assist with the coordination of Communiqu?,
Provide service provider evaluation Forms; and
Memorialize the Fair and Competitive Bid Process.

The Vendor Selection Process is fully documented, so there is no question on how the Applicant Evaluations are completed.